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BGC Plasterboard is an interior lining material which provides a blemish free, monolithic surface ready for decorative paint and thin cover finishes for both commercial and residential applications.

BGC Plasterboard is manufactured using a gypsum core covered with a linerboard which is wrapped around the gypsum to protect the core.

BGC Plasterboard:

• Interior wall lining system
• Suitable for residential and commercial applications
• Cost effective
• Ready for decoration
• Quick and simple to install
• Excellent acoustic performance


    Length mm
Thickness mm Width mm 2400 2700 3000 3600 4200 4800 5400 6000
10 Plasterboard 1200
13 Plasterboard 1200

Please note
: Boss Plaster Products carries a large range of plasterboard types and sizes, however please contact our sales team to confirm the availability of your required products.