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At Boss Plaster Products we stock a large range of insulation, from the traditional wall & ceiling batts to the more recently developed polystyrene products.

We are able to source a huge range of insulation which includes all the major brands. There are many factors to consider with insulation, such as:

  • - Would you prefer polyester or fiberglass insulation? 
  • - Do you require batts or rolls?
  • - What size roll or batts do you require?
  • - What “R” rating is required/would you like to achieve? This relates to the energy rating. 
  • - Would you like Acoustic insulation? This is measured in density (ie. kilograms per cubic metre)
  • - Do you need a polystyrene & foil product?

Whatever your needs, or if you need assistance in determining what is most suitable for you, our knowledgeable sales team can assist you with your enquiry.