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Duragroove™ cladding is a vertically grooved panel which provides a modern look for exterior or interior installation. Available in different profiles and spacing widths Duragroove™ gives you the choice and flexibility to use the product that best fits your project.

Duragroove™ has a shiplap join which makes it a simple and quick product to install and can be used in single storey and medium height installations.

Duragroove™ façade system

• Vertically grooved for a contemporary alternative to the traditional weatherboard look Is lightweight and durable
• Panels are acrylic sealed which aids paint application
• Quick to install because it eliminates the need for taped and filled joins
• Panels are not affected by termites, air, steam, salt or sunlight
• Available in 3 profiles:
• Duragroove™ Smooth - Wide (150mm)
• Duragroove™ Smooth - Narrow (100mm)
• Duragroove™ Woodgrain - Wide (150mm)


        Length mm
Thickness mm Finish Mass kg/m2 Width mm 2450 2750 3000
9.0 Smooth Narrow 12.5 1200
Smooth Wide 1200
Woodgrain 1200